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Online Booking Solution for Sportfishing, Boats, and Landings

Booking online just got better. If you’re a sportfishing boat, a whale watching tour, or a business that books seats on a boat, our system is for you.

We are an online booking system created to handle issues that are unique to operations like sportfishing, whale watching, diving, and other seafaring activities.

What does GoFish do for me?

Use GoFish to run every detail of your operation including:

Additional new features

GoFish is a booking system that you embed on your website and/or comes with a free booking webpage. Customers visit your website, browse the available trips, then book and pay online.

Use our system to create detailed, repeatable templates for all your trips. Create a trip experience once, and reuse it.

We connect your credit card processor to your system and you get paid directly. We don’t touch your money, and you own all of your data.

We collect a small convenience fee from your customers when they book. That’s it. There are no fees for canceled trips – we only get paid when you’re up and running and when your customer actually goes on the trip.

Use our messaging feature to quickly text and email your customers. Confirmations, cancellations, waitlisting, rescheduling – you can manage everything in one place.

Why we created a better way to help people go fishing

We’ve worked in marketing with sportfishing and whale watching operations for years, and we saw the problems that they experience in their bookings, like high fees, not owning their own data, and being held back by data workflows. We listened to what boat captains and landing managers said they wanted in a booking solution, then we built GoFish.

We have more than just the directory listing

GoFish provides you with everything you need to run your Water Tour Activities Business

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