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Bight Sportfishing (Newport Beach)


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I started my charter business when we were in the bowels of cold water and La Nina. Coastal seabass were the name of the game—just like a good percentage of my season now. After a solid season on seabass and local bass—this was when there were no local tuna and cold water dominated the coast—I bought a bigger boat in that of a 23-foot Parker pilothouse. Ten seasons later we have a 23-footer Parker pilothouse and a 28-foot Parker. While my roots come from sportboats, after working on boats like the Producer, First String, Pacific Queen and Excel from 1996 to 2005, it’s the small boat fishing for coastal and island white seabass, lobster, and offshore tuna that drives myself and captains Wes Pierson and James Lega. Our goal with Bight Sportfishing is to offer anglers who don’t have a skiff access to small-boat fishing. If that’s you, give me a call at 949.212.0719 and we can build a trip that is right for you and your group, or get you out on one of our limited number of open party trips.

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