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Blue Planet is a small group of fisherman and ocean enthusiasts dedicated to making sure you get the sportfishing trip you expect. Our boats can accommodate up to 6-guests and our trips range from just a 4-hour cruise up to a 15-day long range trip of a lifetime! If you love being out on the water but don’t care for the crowded boat scene than you have found the right operation.

!!!!!!Open Party Trips!!!!!!! We understand that sometimes is is difficult for our clients to “round up” enough family and friends sometimes to fill a charter. With this in mind Blue Planet is dedicated to offering open-party trips during the prime fishing seasons.We are one of the very few 6-Pack boats in San Diego to offer this option. Just check our calendar for our up-coming trips and available spots. We may also be able to pair up some smaller groups looking to share a charter. Just email us and let us know what you are looking for!

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