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Welcome to Blue Runner Sportfishing, the leader in luxury sport fishing adventures. Our philosophy is to provide outstanding boats, incredible customer service and accommodate your needs to create an experience of a lifetime. From beautiful, safe, well maintained boats to friendly, experienced crews we strive to exceed your expectations in every way. Our boats were built to fish offshore in comfort and were designed by captains with decades of experience fishing the edge.
We design our schedules with your needs in mind, never running back to back trips. By scheduling trips this way, you can schedule your trip time well in advance, making travel arrangements much easier. It also allows us to have flexible trip duration, never having to be back to the dock because we have another trip scheduled to go later in the day. Most importantly, it allows the crew to be well rested so we can give 110% throughout your trip. At Blue Runner Sportfishing, we are focused on quality over quantity.
While we are customer service driven , we realize fishing makes up an important part of your trip. The Blue Runner Team has been built with seasoned offshore captains and mates, led by Captain Mark DeBlasio. His commitment to excellence has made him one of the most consistent producers of the past three decades and has led to many major tournament victories, with winnings totaling over $2.4 Million since 2012. Saltwater Sportsman named Mark one of the Top 50 captains worldwide and Sport Fishing Magazine named Mark Top Charter Captain in the US in 2019.
When choosing your next offshore adventure, do your research and choose carefully. Whether entertaining clients, family or friends, Blue Runner Sportfishing will do everything possible to make your trip fun and productive.

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