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For more than three decades, Capt. Andy Martin has been fishing the productive waters of the Southern Oregon Coast. He is one of the few year-round, full-time charter boat captains and sportfishing guides working out of the Port of Brookings. Growing up in Brookings, Andy knows every rock and reef in the area, and had a lifetime of experience catching the fish that live there.
From hard-fighting king salmon to ferocious lingcod to abundant black rockfish, fishing charters off the Brookings, Oregon coast often feature fast action and produce great table fare. The Port of Brookings is known as the safest ocean crossing on the Oregon Coast. Fish are also found within a short run from the harbor, often in water much calmer than the rest of the coast. Brookings Fishing Charters uses top-quality, light tackle. Anglers fish from fast, clean, comfortable boats. We specialize in small groups, and with much faster boats, are able to spend more time fishing and less time traveling to the most productive fishing grounds. Capt. Andy prides himself on providing the ultimate guided fishing adventure. He works hard to not only get his customers into limits of quality fish, but also makes sure each passenger has an enjoyable experience, often pointing out whales and other marine mammals, sea birds and unique features of the rugged Oregon coastline.
A side from targeting salmon, lingcod and rockfish, Capt. Andy usually sets crab pots out of Brookings when the season is open. He cleans the crabs along with filleting each customers’ catch.

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