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Private & Intimate Cruises​ In Florida – Cruise Palm Beach

If you’re looking for something that has some adventure mixed with quality, comfort and luxury elements; Cruise Palm Beach is certainly the right pick for the same. We offer Luxury Private cruises in Florida at some of the best prices in the town. Our fleet of vessels have elegant interiors, sound proof and are quiet. We also run electric powered boats that boast for itself being the best in the fleet with no carbon emissions whatsoever.

These boats have more power than you can imagine! These do rounds in the ocean and can cruise all day easily. Secondly, the V shaped Hull design gives effective stability. Our luxury boats can accommodate upto 6 passengers along with the crew.

Fishing Report

This fishing company does not use GoFish fishing report. Our fishing report software lets you report your daily catches or sightings, and display them in detail here. It also allows your customer to sign up to receive automatic, instant text message alerts for Fish trends. Call us (805) 871-0044 to setup a demo.

Trip Schedule

This fishing company does not use GoFish Reservation System. Our Booking Software lets you take reservations on your website, manage bookings, and run everything from your computer or smartphone in just 99 cents! Call us (805) 871-0044 to setup a demo.

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