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Fishing Charters in Brigantine – Fish Finder Marine

Fish Finder is celebrating 30 years of service in Brigantine Beach, New Jersey. Back bay fishing in the quiet waters of The Back Bay of Brigantine island at its best.

Fish Finder II is a huge and comfortable party boat located in Brigantine, NJ. This fishing machine is ideal for any event: a family reunion, a business meeting, a bridal bath or a birthday party. Join their adventure and have the best experience of bonefishing!

Climb “Fish Finder II,” a huge 46′ Catamaran powered by two 300 HP Suzuki engines. The party boat has a maximum sailing speed of 30 nautical miles and can accommodate up to forty anglers. Navigation electronics include sonar, GPS and radar. The boat can be reached by wheelchair and equipped with coolers and a toilet to keep the catch cool for maximum rest on the water.

You can put yourself to trial on fish finder II in bottom fishing, trolling, jigging and drift fishing. Fish Finder Marine specializes in offshore fishing and has been licensed to fish for 20 miles. You will be holding mostly flower and striped bass, but you can also find bluefish and black bass at the end of your fishing line!

Fish Finder Marine offers live fodder for your fishing adventure, including chopped squid, sliced mackerel, javelin, and live minnow. You can rent a pole for $5. Once caught, if you decide to keep it, your fish will be cleaned and filtered for you at the end of the journey. Also, the captain takes care of the fishing licence. You only need to bring your own breakfast and drink if you like.

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