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Gold Rush Charters is a family owned and operated deep-sea charter fishing service located in Westport, Washington. Karyl has experience handling the phones having worked in several charter offices over the years. Captain Kevin will take it from there continuing to provide top quality fishing trips having 51 years experience working on charter fishing boats out of Westport, WA. He began his career in 1967, deckhanding on the White Cap with Captain Don Fidler. Kevin received his Master’s License from the United States Coast Guard in 1975 at the age of 19, Kevin Vasereno on the Gold Rushand began his career as Skipper. His philosophy of charter fishing is evident in his two goals for each fishing trip. The first goal is the most important-to have a great time going fishing! The second goal is to have a fruitful outing, returning with the best catch possible. Kevin has worked diligently throughout the years to ensure that both goals come together on each and every trip.

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