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Who are we? Geoff Hunt was a local commercial fisherman, working in the Fish, Lobster, Crab and Squid fisheries out of the San Diego G Street harbor.  He experienced the difficult tasks of sourcing, procuring and building commercial gear and traps first hand.  To help solve these problems, he opened Lobster Port Trap Company in 2012; The One Stop Shop for Commercial Gear and Custom Built Traps.  From the humble beginnings in his garage, Geoff worked tirelessly to grow the company we know today.  His mission is to provide the highest quality traps and customer service in Southern California.

What are we?  Lobster Port, LLC is a local, Oceanside, CA company and has two divisions.  LP Fishing Supply focuses on locally manufactured companies to work with to handle most sport gear, bait and terminal tackle in store, while Lobster Port Trap Company continues to provide commercial gear and custom trap manufacturing.

Where are we?  Our 5000 ft tackle shop and trap production facility is located in Oceanside, CA  2 miles from the Oceanside Harbor.  We have an online store at http://www.lpfishingsupply.com/, are on Facebook and Instagram and post local specials in Craigslist.

What do we do? We sell commercial and sport fishing gear and apparel, terminal tackle, line-winding service, bait and manufacture custom traps.  We also do weekly dock deliveries for our busy commercial and sport clients to the major docks and harbors from Long Beach down to San Diego.

What special activities do we host? We run free Facebook contests and local fishing derbies with awesome prizes and we also host and sponsor local fishing classes and kids events. 

What do we like? We like helping people…find the right gear, save money and time, give back to the community, spend quality time with family and friends and catch massive fish!  We also are addicted to local sport fishing and you can catch us hanging out at the Oceanside Pier or Harbor in the evenings.

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