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The Pride is a 50-foot custom-built sport-fishing boat equipped with the latest fishing finding and navigation equipment to run trips from ½ day to 2½ days. It includes an air-conditioned bunk-room that sleeps up too, 18 passengers. Each bunk has a pillow, blanket and privacy curtain ensuring a comfortable sleep after a long day of fishing. After each fish is brought aboard the Pride, the crew immediately spikes, bleeds and gill and guts it if it’s over 40 pounds. After the fish is prepped, it is dropped into the boat’s 33-degree refrigerated seawater (RSW) fish hold to keep it in sashimi grade until it is offloaded at the dock. For a very reasonable fee, the crew will process your catch at the end of the fishing day. In short, you cannot go into a store and purchase fish that is of as high quality as the fish you will take home after going fishing on the Pride.  

The Pride has a full-service galley seating up too 12 passengers, complete with a flat-screen TV and a large selection of movies to pick from. In addition, the Pride has 2 full heads located behind the galley (no walk up to the front of the boat in rough seas) and a hot shower. Each trip has a professional chef aboard to ensure that you never go hungry while out on the water. The Pride also has a large selection of ice-cold beer, soda, water and snacks to keep you hydrated and fed between meals. 

In 2015 The Pride was re-equipped with a clean and quiet John Deere 6090AFM diesel engine, along with a 20kw phasor power generator. Its single screw operation and large water mufflers make it one of the quietest, if not the quietest Sport Boats in Southern California. Its unique displacement style hull magnetically attracts fish, especially Blue-fin. It is also outfitted with the latest fish finding and navigation equipment; including Wesmar Side Scanning Sonar, Furuno FCV 1100 fathometer, 2 pairs of gyro-stabilized binoculars, bird radar, Mitsubishi satellite dispatch radio with the ability to talk to any vessel in the world, 2 GPS navigators, Nobletec chart plotter, and much more. All these features make the Pride the best setup small charter boat in Socal.


The crew of the Pride has over 40 combined years of professional experience working in the Southern California sportfishing business. Their passion for their trade, vast experience, along with their dedication to customer service ensures that every trip aboard the Pride provides the highest standards of service and fishing experience. The crew of the Pride aims to provide the same level of customer service that the owner, Jason learned working in the world-famous San Diego long-range fleet. 

Jason Zenor

The Pride is owned and operated by Jason Zenor. A North County San Diego native, he started in the Sportfishing industry in 2006 as a pinhead out of Islandia sportfishing and has not looked back sense. In 2011, When he was just 19 he took the next step in his career and earned his 100-ton masters license. His experience includes working on and being a captain on boats such as the Chubasco 2, Dolphin, Islander, Voyager, Excel, New Seaforth and Seawatch. His fishing experience ranges from local Southern California waters all the down to Hurricane Bank 500 miles southwest of Cabo. In 2015 he graduated from Cal State San Marcos with a BS in business. In 2018 he purchased the Pride and aims to make it the best small charter boat in Southern California.

Dan Tyler:

Dan “Golf Ball” Tyler has 18 years of experience working in the Sportfishing Industry. His vast experience and passion for fishing make him a tremendous asset to the operation. He has held his 100-ton license for 4 years and has a lot of experience in local Southern California waters. You can usually find him in the mast looking for fish or up in the bridge safely navigating the boat while everyone is sleeping.


Roland Wilson:

Roland has over ten years of experience working in the sportfishing industry. He eats, sleeps and breathes fishing, whether he is on the boat or off, he is always fishing. He loves to fish and his passion shows. He can hook and handfish off when nobody can get bit, including the skipper. 

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