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Fishing from the ports of Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay

Value is the measure of the quality of services and experiences you receive for the money you spend. When you fish with Reel Action Charters, you are fishing with finest charter operation on Lake Michigan and Green Bay. It’s impossible to get more for your money or your time.

Any now, we have the biggest, safest, most comfortable boats fishing from the port of Sturgeon Bay!

To say, “We’re the best” is a bold claim, but our boats and gear, our captains and crew, and our experience and success all back it up.

BOATS & EQUIPMENT – Reel Action Lake Michigan Boats are state of the art big water fishing platforms – the kind most often associated with big game fishing on the ocean. Our anglers fish from the 48-foot Viking Yacht “Unreel Action” and the 40-foot Luhs Tournament “Time Flies.”

These are big, ultra-seaworthy craft that allow you to fish safely and comfortably in conditions that keep most others in the harbor. They are the biggest fishing from Sturgeon Bay. (To top that, “Time Flies” just came off a winter 2019 refit including interior, air, heat, and all-new electronics. The Reel Action Crew put in 100s of hours preparing it for the 2019 season on the Big Pond.)

Nothing compares to fishing from these big boats. They are engineered for three things – safety, comfort, and catching fish. Yes, they are expensive to buy, dock, maintain, and operate. But they are the best, safest, most comfortable way to catch fish on big water, so in the end they provide you maximum value.

Each boat is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and tackle. We are meticulous in maintaining our gear so that we can rely on it – which means you can rely on it! It’s all about finding fish, hooking fish, and landing fish. The best quality gear gives you the greatest possible value.

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