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The San Diego’s business continues to thrive for two simple reasons: She’s one of the last vessels from San Diego, run by a crew of native San Diegans who know the waters she fishes like nobody else. That is precisely why owner/operator Ryan Bostian — a third-generation San Diegan — has caught more yellowtail at the Coronado Islands than any other skipper since running his maiden voyage in 1999.

It’s also the reason the San Diego was the first boat to address many of the long-running problems associated with local fishing. After decades of complaints about fish being stored in burlap sacks where they’re trampled at the bait tank or cooked into sun-dried boomerangs, Captain Ryan was the first skipper to listen. Incorporating the high-end customer service skills he learned working aboard long-range sport fishers, he installed an R.S.W. fish hold on the San Diego, making it the first local boat to bleed and store every fish that comes over the rail in 35-degree seawater.

2006 remodel saw the improvements and list of “firsts” continue: From an air-conditioned, full-service galley to the installation of new engines that improved her cruising speed and efficiency. A huge advantage when covering the 100-miles of fishing grounds this U.S.C.G. inspected vessel is permitted to fish.

So whether you’re looking to jump aboard the 5:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. open party trip or book a private charter for you and up to 60 friends, if your goal is to catch fish off the coast of “America’s Finest City”, you need to be on the one vessel that personifies that moniker like no other: The San Diego.

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