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San Francisco Shark Fishing

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Fishing Trips In San Francisco – San Francisco Shark Fishing

Book with Bay Charter Boats in San Francisco and take part in one of the most popular adventures in Northern California.  Whether you have been fishing your whole life or this is something completely new to you, shark fishing with us will give you the thrill you’re looking for. Sharks are a dangerous species but we make sure to keep you safe while you hook it and wrestle it on board the boat.  How many of your friends can say they battled a shark? You’ll be able to. And you will have a picture as proof! 

Our Trips

Morning and Afternoon Trips are available for Half Day Trips.

See our Booking Page for available dates.
Half Day $125.00
Full Day $175.00
Shark fishing, subject to the time of year, Bay Charter Boats takes you to Angel Island, Alcatraz, Berkeley Flats, Alameda, and Oyster Point. These trips target leopard sharks, soup fin’s, and seven gill’s.
Morning and Afternoon Charters
Half day trips range from 5 to 5.5 hours long and leave the dock in the morning and in the afternoon.
Morning charters leave at 6:30 am to 12:00 pm and the afternoon charter leaves at 1:00 pm and returns at 6:00 pm.
Full Day Trips are longer and leave the dock at 6:30 am, returning at 3:30 pm and the Ms Marin travels a bit farther since the trip is longer.
Note: Summer hours will change and we depart earlier, 6:00am-3:00pm.

San Francisco Shark Fishing Trip Schedule

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