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Whale Watching Adventure Trips In Moss Landing, CA – Sanctuary Cruises

Sanctuary Cruises is the only sustainable charter boat on the Monterey Bay. We use 99% clean-burning biodiesel instead of dirty, smelly petroleum diesel in our brand new John Deere engines. Our biodiesel is made in Central California entirely from recycled waste vegetable oil collected from Central California restaurants. No oil is imported and no fossil fuels are burned when you go whale watching with us. It’s better for the economy, the ocean creatures, the air, our engines & you. We also have the most fuel efficient boat on The Bay. We burn less fuel than any other boat. If you want to have less impact on energy consumption and the world ecology while your enjoying, living and learning, Sanctuary Cruises is the clear choice for Marine Wildlife Tours on the Monterey Bay.

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This fishing company does not use GoFish fishing report. Our fishing report software lets you report your daily catches or sightings, and display them in detail here. It also allows your customer to sign up to receive automatic, instant text message alerts for Fish trends. Call us (805) 871-0044 to setup a demo.

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This fishing company does not use GoFish Reservation System. Our Booking Software lets you take reservations on your website, manage bookings, and run everything from your computer or smartphone in just 99 cents! Call us (805) 871-0044 to setup a demo.

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