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Family Owned & Operated Sportfishing Charters In Westport, WA – Slammer Charters

Slammer Charters is a Sportfishing fishing company based in Westhaven Dr Westport, WA 98595. We are a family-owned business and have a sport-fishing boat that trips in the waters of Westport, Washington. 

We really cherish our friendly-crew members who make our visitor’s trips a memorable one. Building communities and helping customers gain knowledge of fishing techniques and prioritizing that they enjoy the maximum on their trips is our core goal. 

We are a renowned charter in the Westport and offer quality Pacific Ocean sport-fishing.. We have more family and group charter bookings because of our quality trip experience, friendly-crew members, and state of the art vessels that’s equipped with best safety products, navigation tools and powerful motors to keep the thrill throughout. 

Meet your crew members whom you’ll cruise along the waters

Skipper Rhett Weber

Weber has a demonstrated history of fishing since the day he walked his first step. It’s really adorable to know that he took his first step aboard the scooter when his Captain father Lee Weber was running the boat. 

Later he followed his passion and his eagerness to know everything related to fishing made him the best in his field. 

Edna Weber

Rhett Weber’s wife Edna Weber has always been her support system in making him a great captain and a great fisherman. Edna manages the business’ operations and is seen always inspiring visitors with her stories. 

Ben Overmars, Deckhand

Been on the deckhand since 2016 and has really got sharp fishing skills. 2020 has been a fantastic year for him as he gained his Master Mariner License. 

Marina May, Deckhand

As said earlier, we really cherish our crew members and it’s been a pleasure to have Marina May onboard with us. She has just earned her Master Mariner license in 2020. 

Head on to the Slammer Charters Trip schedule to make bookings with us and also refer to Slammer Charters Fishing Report to checkout on current status of fish catches. 

Slammer Charters Trip Schedule

Slammer Charters Fishing Report

This company does not use GoFish.rocks fishing report.

GoFish.rocks fishing report software lets you report your daily catches or sightings, and display them in detail here.

It also allows your customer to sign up to receive automatic, instant text message alerts for Fish trends.

Call us (805) 871-0044 to setup a demo.

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