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Offshore Fishing Charters In Newport, RI – Tall Tailz Fishing charters

Fishing is our life. Our mission is to provide an exceptional “on the water” service like no other. It starts with research and preparation. We’re constantly examining and maintaining our gear, studying charts, trying new techniques and keeping a watchful eye on whats happening in the fishing community. This gives us key advantages before ever stepping foot on the boat. Once we’re on board we have everything set up for optimal success. We fish with only the best equipment on the market and customized the boat specifically for the angler. The most important part of the equation is of course, hard work. We fish hard, every day mother nature allows. This way we always know where the fish are and how they’re biting. With proper preparation, the right gear and a strong work ethic we’re able to provide our customers with an amazing saltwater experience!

Our Boats

  • Tall Tailz 31′ JC

  • Two Tailz 24′ WorldCat

Our Trips


The inshore fishing charter options cater to the customers needs. We specialize in light tackle jigging, live bait fishing and topwater plugging. Each technique varies depending on targeted species and weather conditions. Expect to catch striped bass, bluefish, sea bass, tautog, fluke and scup. If you have a specific type of fishing you’d like to do or species you’d like to target, please let the captain know and he will customize a plan to help you achieve your goal. This trip can accommodate up to 4-6 people depending on vessel.


Our fall blackfish aka tautog trips are very popular. We have an amazing tautog fishery here in RI. These trips are full day, 8 hour trips and are loaded with action. We fish a number of ledges, humps, drops and wrecks to catch trophy sized tog. We adjust our depths and locations as the season progresses. Included in your trip are fresh caught green crabs, white crabs and spider crabs. We also provide custom made tog jigs and rigs. This trip can accommodate up to 4-6 people depending on vessel.


These run and gun Albie trips are tons of fun. While run and gun fishing we’re on the hunt. We scan areas where fish have been feeding looking for signs of breaking fish, active birds and other surface indicators. You can also expect to false albacore, bonito, frigate and chub Macheral, striped bass and bluefish. We provide all gear and tackle including a variety of metal and epoxy jigs as well as soft plastics. We specifically run these trips on our 24′ World Cat. With plenty of room to cast and a max speed of 35 knots, this is the perfect rig to chase down Albies. This trip can accommodate up to 4 people.


Fishing during the day off the coast of Newport and Narragansett Bay is great. However, the waters surrounding Block Island generally hold larger numbers of trophy sized striped bass. These fish are also more active at night. If you’re looking for a trophy fish you’ll remember for a life time, we recommend the over night Block Island trip. Since we’re traveling further to reach these fish, these trips are longer to account for travel time and are weather dependent. These trips can accommodate up to 4-6 people depending on vessel.


Near shore fishing is classified as the area between inshore grounds and offshore grounds. Shark fishing is good all summer long and the grounds are between 15-30 miles offshore. Bluefin tuna and other Pelagic species can be found in this range as well. Our shark trips are fished using big game spinning gear for a much more fun and fulfilling day. Our tuna trips combine a variety of gear depending on desired style and what method is producing best. These trips can accommodate up to 4-6 people depending on the vessel.


Our Cape Cod bluefin tuna charters are for serious anglers. This trip targets the strongest and toughest game fish on the planet. We fish several techniques to produce a bite. Trips are 12 hours long and will depart from several different locations in Cape Cod depending on the location of the fish at that time. We fish high end spinning gear for our jig and pop style trips and heavy game conventional gear when targeting giant bluefin. Note that if a fish measuring more than 73” is caught during commercial season it remains property of the vessel per NMFS requirements. 10% of the sale will be awarded to the charter client out of good faith. These trips can accommodate up to 4 people.

OFFSHORE CANYON TRIPS: $3500-24 HR – $4500-36 HR

Offshore New England canyon fishing is the ultimate trip that we offer. Here we fish roughly 100 nautical miles off RI coast in pursuit of a number of pelagic species. Expect to catch yellowfin tuna, big eye tuna, albacore tuna, bonito and false albacore, mahi mahi, blue and white marlin, swordfish, sharks, wahoo and whatever else the Gulf Stream brings us. Expect to see whales, dolphins, turtles, whale sharks, sea rays and bioluminescent jellyfish. These trips are extremely unique and offer a truly once in a lifetime experience. These trips are very weather dependent and may need to be rescheduled due to bad weather. Please try to have flexibility around your requested date. These trips can accommodate up to 6 people.


The ocean state is loaded with iconic lighthouses throughout the state. Join us on a fun and relaxing 6 hour private charter as we take you to over 10 jaw dropping lighthouses all over Narragansett Bay. Each lighthouse is unique and has its own story to be told! We also offer Newport mansion tours where you can view the historic mansions along ocean drive and cliff walk. Take in their beauty and elegance from a unique perspective, the ocean! This trip can accommodate up to 4-6 people depending on the vessel.


Newport harbor offers some of the most picturesque sunsets in the world. Our little city by the sea takes tourists breaths away each time they visit. There’s no better way to enjoy the sunset or harbor cruise then on your own private charter with a drink in your hand! These trips can accommodate up to 4-6 people depending on the vessel.


RI waters have so much more to offer beyond just fishing and sightseeing. Want to go snorkeling, tubing, exploring, or anchor near a beautiful beach and relax? Give us a call to plan a custom adventure for whatever you’re searching for on the water! These trips can accommodate up to 4-6 people depending on the vessel.


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