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Sportfishing Trips & Boat In Westport, WA – Tequila Too

Tequila Too is a 55′ inspected charter vessel equipped to fish up to 28 people. Starting in 2021, we’ll be limiting our trips up to 16 anglers. This will provide our anglers an uncrowded atmosphere with more space on the rail.

*Tequila Too can seat all 16 anglers at our cozy dinettes inside the cabin.

We also have separate heads (restrooms) for men/women.
(The captain of Tequila Too reserves the right to bring 1 guest that will ride in the wheelhouse and share the captain’s fishing rod throughout the day; unless the boat has been reserved by a private party.)

Ken & Crew

Owner & Operator of the Tequila Too C/V, Ken Culver, has over 40 years experience deep sea sport fishing out of Westport.

He started deckhanding in 1979. In 1982, Ken obtained his Coast Guard 6-pk license. He then started running both the “Six Pac” for bottom fishing, and the “Aquila” for salmon.

In 1983, Ken bought his first boat.  It was the 42′ 20-passenger vessel named, “The Lady Arlene.” Ken renamed her “Tequila.” For the next 14 years, Ken specialized in the rockfish/lingcod sportfishing industry, running more bottom fishing trips than any boat or skipper in Westport. In 1995 Ken sold the first Tequila (the Slammer now) To Captain Rhett Weber and purchased the current Tequila Too.

Tequila Too Trip Schedule

Tequila Too Fishing Report

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