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Private and Semi-Private Fishing Trips in San Diego – The Long Run Sportfishing

Sportfishing is our passion and we have been doing this for the last 26 years. It has been a tremendous journey and we feel the pride to be considered as a preferred venture for Private Fishing Trips in San Diego. The Long Run Sportfishing Charts offers quality charter services at affordable prices. What makes us special is our custom, private and Semi-Private fishing Charters that come at handy prices backed with the best vessel that’s equipped with top notch navigation systems and all safety equipment. Our trip offerings are short as well as long. Choose trips as short as half day to long trips up to 3 days 72 hours. You can choose among a range of trip offerings and cherish every moment in the ocean.

You’ll find very friendly crew members with Captain Mike and Captain Nate on dock that will let you explore the hotspots of fishes. If you’re here with your family, friends or with corporate/business people, trust us; you’ll have the best of time with Long Run Sportfishing. Our overnight trips often target fishes such as Yellowtail, Sharks, Marlin, Bluefin Tuna and more. 

We welcome newbies and immature fishermen with open hands and assist them with the best-fishing techniques and equipment which you will always remember. Our vessels don’t smoke like many other bigger vessels does thus giving you a pure pleasure of fishing. 

Our ‘Witchy  Woman’ is the latest addition to our fleets of boats and is certainly one of the fastest charter boats in South California. It’s one of a kind experience if you’re looking for some exceptional sportfishing in San Diego. Ia smooth deck, top-notch electricals and a powerful Yamaha engine that churns out 225 horsepower and makes 61 MPH in no time. If you love thrills, fishing and speed; you just can’t miss a trip with us.

The other vessels of Long Run sportfishing runs as per The Long Run Sportfishing Trip Schedule. The other vessels are spacious enough with rooms to lay down for a nap time, fully functional kitchen, large deck, and separate restrooms for men and women. 

We recommend you to find the past Long Run Sportfishing Fishing Report before making your bookings. 

The Long Run Sportfishing Fishing Report

The Long Run Sportfishing Trip Schedule

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