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Fish Count 2.0 Is Free

Fish Counts is a highly engineered original application provided at no cost to boat captains, landing managers, charter businesses or fishermen.

Fish Count Includes:

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Fish Count provides a sophisticated and modern way for fisherman, anglers, and travelers to follow the activity of charters, plan trips, and have fun keeping up to date.

Watch our fun video overview of some new features

Our Fish Counts was designed to provide a modern tool that lets people follow the activity of boats. If you would rather be fishing than reading, watch this short video to see how Fish Counts helps users engage with boats and plan their trips:

get alerts

Fish Count 2.0 Is Free​

Get Alerts

Fishermen get notified when your boat records a catch or sighting they’re following. As you record activity each day, alerts will automatically go out to users who are following and targeting the featured fish you’re catching or the specific sightings they are interested in.


Fish Count 2.0 Is Free​

Total Domain Control

Your data will only show up where you choose to allow it. Now, other websites can’t grab your boat’s data and use it to pump up their own website traffic. How it works:


Fish Count 2.0 Is Free​

Featured Fish

You’re able to customize the graph settings by choosing your featured fish. Every other fish counts graph displays only the most caught fish per day. Our system allows you to customize the settings so you can prioritize the most exciting catches or siting to show up on your graph by default. Graphs let users sort data in amazing detail. Customizing graphs lets users focus on the exact data that matters to them.


Fish Count 2.0 Is Free​

Additional new features

You can import your boat’s existing fish counts data. This lets fishermen look at historical trends and ensures no interruption or gaps in your data.

Fish Counts works as an embed on your existing website. But for those who don’t have a website or are running their business only on Facebook we have the perfect solution. When you create your profile our system automatically generate a page that you can share on all social media channels. It basically acts like a mini website with all your company information, social media links, Yelp link and Google map location.

Showcase all the different trip types from every vessel you manage. If you’re a captain of one boat or if you manage many vessels. You are able to create as many trip types or as many boats as needed, and control everything from one dashboard.

You are able to see the users and what they are most interested in. You can see who is asking for sms or email alerts related to what fish or sightings. You’re able to see all the person’s contact information, what they want to see and catch and when. You you can make contact with them if you have specials or need to fill a seat.


Fish Count Software for Landing Managers and Boat Captains

We created our first fish counts software over 6 years ago, and after millions of views and years of experience we thought we should add some additional features to better engage your customers. Our simple to use tool tracks and records the catches and sightings of sportfishing boats and whale watching charters. Fish counts online software 2.0 now offers a featured fish capabilities, domain restrictionsalert system and much more. Fish Counts is perfect for:








Captains and Landing Managers

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