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The Best Fishing Boat Booking System

A Sportfishing charter boat reservation system to meet your booking needs

For the flat rate of only 99 cents per passenger!

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Online Fishing Boat Reservation System for Sportfishing Charters with a flat rate

So what makes us unique compared to other online sportfishing reservation systems? Well, that’s a long list, but we know our low flat rate of 99 cents per passenger service fee blows our “competition” out of the water! That’s because they charge 3%-7%, (often much more), to do what our online fishing boat booking software does. We don’t believe booking companies are entitled to any percentage of your money! And our 99 cents flat rate can easily be added as a convenience fee that can be passed onto the customer without them feeling like they are being gouged. The end result is easily calculated as ZERO costs to your bottom line! In these financially challenging times, we all need to minimize unnecessary expenses. Why not start with something as simple as your fishing boat booking system? And our services provide much more than bookings. Read more about our Online Booking Software.

Want your site visitors to stay longer?

Our Fishing Boat Booking System  Includes our Free Dynamic Fish Counts with graphical interface. Our mobile alerts system notifies your website visitors reeling them back to your website. Check out our Dynamic Fish Counts Software

Online Fishing Boat Booking System AND a Free Directory Listing? Oh, yeah! Mind your own business!

We mean that in the best possible way! Need additional exposure on the web? Our fishing boat booking system lets you add your listing to a FREE directory where it can be found by local anglers itchin’ to go fishin’! Don’t waste money by losing business to your competitors listed in the same directory as yours!

[read_more id="1" more="Read more" less="Read less"]Let us show you why choosing GoFish.Rocks can help you cut loose your financial albatrosses (charter booking software and one size fits all directories) and show you how it’s obviously much better it is to “mind your own business”! Why in this vast sea of sharks would you trust it to anyone else? See More [/read_more]

How does our Online Fishing Boat Booking System work?

Check out a brief video of our Online Fishing Boat Booking System below.

The Best Online Fishing Boat Booking Software

So what makes us unique compared to other online fishing boat booking systems? Well, that’s a long list, but one thing is that our flat-rate 99 cents convenience fee can be added to the cost per customer without them feeling like they are being gouged.

Our system links directly to your credit card processor. There’s no middleman because we don’t touch your money. We don’t charge any fee if a trip is canceled, or can’t run for any reason. That’s right, we only get paid if you get paid!

Simple pricing. No hidden fees. 99 cents explained


GoFish booking system does not charge additional fees to YOU OR your customers. The price you set is the price your customer pays.


That’s right, we only get paid if you get paid!


We want to continuously earn your business daily without locking you in. We are that confident with our services.

Client Testimonial

We highly recommend the GoFish.Rocks reservation system and especially its promoter Larry, who thanks to his knowledge of computer systems and marketing has helped us to keep our status as leaders in our industry...Read More

#1 Online Fishing Boat Reservation Software

We provide a turn-key booking solution containing every feature you need to run your charter boat, sportfishing tour, or travel and tourism business. All at our flat rate of 99 cents! It has all the tools and features you need in one powerful booking platform

Fishing boat reservation software that you control!

Around-the-clock ability for customers to book

Online booking means affording the customers the ability to book whenever they want to book! Most of your competitors already use online booking software, and pay MUCH more than our flat rate of 99 cents per passenger. Our sportfishing charter boat reservation system is user friendly and easy to navigate for your potential customers. Having the ability to book 24/7 from anywhere adds to customer convenience, and may very well lead to more business for your operation!

Flexible Advanced Scheduling

GoFish.Rocks fishing boat reservation software makes it easy to arrange an online schedule specific to your business needs. You determine how you want to display your schedule and upcoming activities. You can incorporate details from pricing, deposit amounts, blackout dates or hold with or without deposits and how many spots are available at the time customers may want to book. Your customers can see these specifics online while they consider booking options.

Book any amount of trips for any length of time

Some sportfishing, pleasure craft, and charter boat operators offer trips and getaways that take more than one day. Or may have many options on any given day. Our online fishing boat reservation system makes it easy for potential customers to book with you directly.

Why our booking software is continuously evolving

With the support of our parent company TheFinalCode.com and their software development team, we are continously evolving our platform.  What we learn by listening to our customers and their input we add and refine features to address them. Their satisfaction is our number 1 priority. That’s why we refuse to remain stagnant! Why not give us a call and get a demo?
Frequently Asked Questions
No. We do not hold possession of any of your business assets like your website domain address, your financial records, your customer records, your social media channels or business listings, your photos or website content, or anything else that has value to your business.
You are not locked in to any contract. You can take your data, and all the associated assets, and move to another booking solution at any time.
GoFish integrates with Authorize.net, Square, Stripe, and additional processors will be added soon. If you contact us and request integration with your processor, we will build that integration just for you.
GoFish is very easy to use. We designed it based on feedback and requests from boat captains and landing managers. To make it easy to get started, we handle the entire setup, including setting up all your boats, all your trips, and giving you as many user accounts as you need for your team to manage everything. We provide detailed documentation that you can reference. We also provide phone support, email support, technical support, website and design support, video support on zoom, and we provide you with a single representative who manages your account and ensures you’re running smoothly at all times. We can also help with data migration. We ensure that you’re supported, taken care of at all times, and are running smoothly and getting bookings with ease.
Yes! There is no minimum account size. Even if you only sell a few seats per month you can use our system and all its benefits. If you run a charter boat or fishing tour of any kind, we want you to use GoFish to let your guests book online!
All you need is a boat 🙂  Contact us and we will handle everything to get you up and running.
Yes. Our system and interface is totally mobile responsive. If you’re someone who likes to run your entire business from your phone, GoFish allows you to do that.

We have more than just the directory listing

GoFish provides you with everything you need to run your Water Tour Activities Business

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